Friday, July 20, 2012

An Experiment in Sewing

Having never sewed anything but a few patches, this was an interesting project. Not entirely difficult, but it was sure tedious. I decided to sew this in preparation for the new 40k 6th edition rulebook, which I decided to fork over the $75 for when it came out. I went to the craft store, not knowing what I was doing, and picked out what I thought would be a pretty straightforward pattern and some nice looking fabric.

I got home, was shown how to use the showing machine, and got to work. Not 10 minutes into the project, I realized how darned confusing this pattern was, and had to spend the next hour deciphering it's odd wording and illustrations. However, after much confusion and determination, I was able to finish the thing, and added some of my own flair to it as well. So, here you have it: a one of a kind Imperium messenger bag:

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