Sunday, October 21, 2012

Airbrushed Xbox Controller (Matrix Edition)

Finished my weekend project! I finally got a compressor for my airbrush (which before that I was using off a tire emergency air tank.), so I've been getting a lot of stuff airbrushed. This was pretty simple, used some cut out stencils to create the code, and ordered the buttons, joysticks, etc. off ebay from a custom gaming site. The stencils were a bit time consuming, but I think they turned out nicely. I did some slight fading from dark to light with some of it to give it some texture, and then clear-coated the whole thing to protect the paint job. Anyways, enjoy, and feel free to comment if you like my work!

Monday, October 15, 2012

From the Painting Table: Imperial Fist Draigo

Hello. :) Time for another quick update on the happenings. This ones a couple weeks old, but figured you guys would like pictures of it. Draigo is a great model to begin with, but I really didn't like the mono-chrome silver look he normally has. So, in the Imperial Fist fashion, I painted him up all yellow and fancy. :) Did some minor conversions, mostly just kept the stock model and stuck him on a fancy base. He took 3rd in the local painting competition as well, which was nice. Aiming for first next time! Anyways, enjoy!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Back with More Art!

So, been busy at college for the last couple weeks, but I managed to finish a couple of projects before the end of summer. The first is a set of wire butterflies that I entered into the Samaritan Employee Art show, and took 1st place with! :) The second I will post at a later date. Pictures first, then description:

So, here it is! This one took me quite some time, probably a couple weeks (probably not as long as the portal gun, but close). I went and picked up a book on butterfly species for this one, so they're all based on actual species (you could probably even identify them!) I made sure to include some of the markings and coloration of the originals as best I could, but added a bit of metallic flair to each. It was fun doing lots of different designs, which was something I haven't had to do with my art yet, so it was a good experience, and turned out well. Anyways, here's some close ups of the rest, and hope you stop by the blog again!