Sunday, November 24, 2013

Terminator Rune Priest conversion

So, picked up a smart phone and found out its got a blogger app! Be prepared for content!

Built this guy a couple days ago using bits from an AOBR termie and some sweet resin shoulderpads I had lying around. Most of the SW bits are from the grey hunters box.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Imperial Fist Updates part 1

Besides working on the necrons, I've also been working on my own army. Here's some updates on the work I've done on these guys:

Start with the "Guppies" (Stormtalon gunships). These are airbrushed in a similar fashion to the drop pods. Still need to finish all details and the yellow armour:
The normal variant

This is the "Shark" variant. Has some minor conversions.

I also scratch built a Thunderfire Cannon for my Techmarine to man. Made from various bits and base coated right now. 

More soon! Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Necron Project Update

Still been working on the Necron project. Have all of the basic troops assembled and most of them based with Leadbelcher. I decided to use a green wash instead of the black wash, and it turned out quite nicely.

With this project, I'll be using nothing but the airbrush and some citadel paints. The paints generally airbrush pretty well, once thinned properly. I generally thin with rubbing alcohol, which makes the citadel paint go on nicely. 

Once I'm done with the troops, I'll post a how to on speed painting these guys, which will hopefully be of use you you. Enjoy!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Necron Project

Been working on quite a bit, just haven't posted about it. I'll get back into it now that it's summer.

The big project I just took on is painting a necron army for a friend. Probably around 1700 points of dudes, there's quite a bit to paint. I'll be airbrushing most of it. This'll give me some great practice with the airbrush, as well as getting some great experience painting necrons.

The collection :)

Started with a test model, only took me maybe 15 min or so (not including paint changing time, etc.). Sent both versions to my buddy, waiting for a response on his preference. 

More updates coming soon.

Monday, January 21, 2013

From the Painting Table: Steampunk and Necromunda

So, my gaming group has recently discovered Necromunda, an old gang fight game that Games Workshop put out a while back. Since the game is pretty old, no one cares what models you use for it, so everyone's got some kind of crazy dudes that make up their gang. Wanting an excuse to paint some steampunk stuff, I went out and bought some amazing steampunk models from Ratnik MiniaturesMicro Art Studios, and miniatures from the Malifaux game.

I love the character of these models. This one is from the Ratnik set, and I just love how great their models look. They're not too expensive either (the set of 2 was less then $10). Here's the other:

Really, they've got some great stuff. You'll be seeing the rest of the gang (appropriately called the Neo Victorians) later. Also, still getting used to the new camera setup. Hopefully the pictures will get better with time.

You can find the rules for Necromunda here (a good bit of fun, and only needs about 10 models and some terrain to play.)

As always, enjoy, and feel free to leave comments!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

From the Painting Table: Drop pods, Tactical squad

Hey! It's been a while. Don't worry, I've been keeping busy, getting stuff painted and whatnot. I've got a couple of new projects in the works right now as well, so you'll be seeing more posts coming at least once a week.

So, got some airbrush time over the break, and got some of my Pods painted all bright and yellow.

Went with sort of a non-metalic metal look with a 3 color shade on each panel. I've got the fins done as well, I'll post pictures when the thing is done. 
Also got my full 10 man tactical squad done as well. It was a feat, but they turned out nicely. :)

The full Imperial Fist squad

Sarge with a scratch built gun-blade

Still working on getting the stupid decals to work. I ordered some microsol, so hopefully that'll do the trick. Anyways, that's all for now. You'll be seeing more posts of my other projects here pretty soon. As always, comments an criticisms always appreciated!

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