Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Back with More Art!

So, been busy at college for the last couple weeks, but I managed to finish a couple of projects before the end of summer. The first is a set of wire butterflies that I entered into the Samaritan Employee Art show, and took 1st place with! :) The second I will post at a later date. Pictures first, then description:

So, here it is! This one took me quite some time, probably a couple weeks (probably not as long as the portal gun, but close). I went and picked up a book on butterfly species for this one, so they're all based on actual species (you could probably even identify them!) I made sure to include some of the markings and coloration of the originals as best I could, but added a bit of metallic flair to each. It was fun doing lots of different designs, which was something I haven't had to do with my art yet, so it was a good experience, and turned out well. Anyways, here's some close ups of the rest, and hope you stop by the blog again!

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