Tuesday, May 8, 2012

From the Painting Table: Imperial Fist Captain, Terminators, and Assault Marines

I also paint and play Warhammer 40k. I started with an imperial guard army, simply because I liked all the tanks, and recently moved to playing Imperial Fist Space Marines, which is also the first army I've been using Citidel paints on. Anyways, here's what I've been working on as of late:

 This one is the first time I've played with the new Citidel base coats. I really like the stuff, it goes on nice, and makes the subsequent layers really easy to lay on. Started with a white base coat, based Averland Sunset, washed with Gryphonne Sepia, did 2 layers of Golden Yellow, and finished with a layer of Sunburst Yellow.  Still a WIP, obviously, but it's turning out pretty good.

An here's his accompanying squad (Minus the commander, still working on him.)

Painted these a little while ago, using a different hard lining technique, which made the Armour look really chunky. Starting with White, I used 2 layers of Golden Yellow, 2 layers of Sunburst yellow, then inked with a Scorched Brown. I kind of like it, but not as much as the technique I used on the assault marine. :)

Finally, my captain. He was painted similar to the terminators above, except I tried inking with a black instead. It turned out pretty sharp, which is nice. 

Anyways, as always, comments and critiques welcome. Enjoy!

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