Monday, August 6, 2012

From the Painting Table: Tactical Squad and some Artwork

Finally finished the first half of the tactical squad (Minus basing, of course). They turned out nicely, I think. Very clean, and I'm really happy with how the scripture on their shoulder pads and purity seals looks. For these, I tried painting a lot quicker then I normally would. I had them finished within a week (from base coat to finished paint job)

The process for these is fairly straightforward: Basecoat Averland Sunset (did this with an airbrush, made the whole thing a lot faster), wash with Seraphim Sepia, layer Yriel yellow, layer Flash Gitz yellow, then hightlight with a 50/50 mix of the Flash Gitz and Skull White. Then, fill in details. Anyways, enjoy!

I also recently started a new art project. I plan on doing a large butterfly collection (done with metalwork) in a shadowbox I found upstairs. There will probably be about 20 butterflies, all different, by the time I'm done. I finished the first yesterday. Enjoy!

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